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Luxury European Double Drawn Skin Weft

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Skin wefts are a new invention to hit the hair extensions industry. This style of weft offers a seamless blend that sits flat across the head.
Skin wefts can be cut like machine wefts. This means no fraying! Our skin wefts come with a shiny band that seals the hair in place to prevent any fall out from the hair extensions itself, the small latex band is what allows the hair extension to lay flat on the head.
Skin weft comes as one long weft piece with the ability to be cut to better customise to your head shape.
Skin wefts are applied the same way as machine wefts,
All Hair Used For Our Skin Wefts Is Collected In The Territory Of The Former Soviet Union, Ukraine, And Moldova.
All Hair Collected Is From Girls Wishing To Sell Their Hair. Our Super Drawn Machine Wefts Are Thick And Full From Root To Tip, This Is Because 90% Of Our Bundles Are Made Using The Same Length Hair, This Results In Fuller, Thicker And Healthier Ends.
We Offer A Range Of Natural Colours From Darks, Lights, Copper Shades, Caramels, And Ash Blondes You Are Sure To Find Your Perfect Match.
Looking For Mixed Shades Please Visit Our Create Your Blend Section To Find Out More On Creating Your Perfect Match.
Skin Wefts are available In 4 Different Weights 100g, 150g, 200g & 250g
All Hair Envy Boutiques Hair Is
  • 100% Human Hair
  • All Cuticles Attached And Aligned
  • Not Wrapped In Silicon
  • Tangle And Matt Free
  • Lasting 12 Months Plus With The Correct Aftercare
  • Thick From Root To Tip
Create Your Blend
Create Your Blend Service Allows You To Mix/Blend Up To 3 Colours Of Your Choosing. As Well As Mixing Up To 3 Shades You Can Also Percentage Blend Each Colour, To Provide Your Own Unique Look Or Create A Better Match To Blend With Your Natural Hair.
Percentage Blending – This Is Great For Customers That Have More Of One Shade Than Another Or Would Like More Of One Shade Without The Need To Dye Their Hair.
For Example – If You Have A Customer Who Has Dark Hair And Would Like A Few Blonde Highlights You Can Ask Us To Percentage Blend As Follows (Shade 2.0 – 70% And 8.1- 30%)
You Can Use This Service To Create The Following Looks
  • Rooted Blends
  • Ombre Piano
  • Rooted Piano
  • Ombre & Piano

Please Note -There Is A Minimum Order Requirement When Using This Service
2 Shades Minimum Order Of 100g 3 Shades Minimum Order Of 200g
All Our Products Are Made To Order, All Orders Are Custom Coloured All By Hand. Orders Can Take Up To 25 Working Days.

Once Completed, Orders Are Sent Using A Next Day Service Operated Via Royal Mail.
Please Note : Delivery Delays Are Out Of Our Control And So In The Event Of A Delivery Delay, We Are Unable To Compensate You For This Delay. We Do However Recommend That When Ordering To

Please Allow

Up To 5 Weeks For The Items To Arrive To Avoid Any Disappointment.

International Deliveries Please Allow 5-6 Weeks.