Hairenvy Boutique’s Guide To Luxury Hair Extensions

Luxury European and Virgin Russian Hair Extensions

Whether your hair needs a little volumizing or you just want some Rapunzel-style locks, hair extensions are the most effective way to address your concerns! They provide you with long, luscious, hair strands in a four natural colors. You can not only add length, but dimension, tonality, and style to your overall look. Hair Envy hair extensions in particular are made from virgin Russian and European hair, making them ideal for anyone look to volumize, lengthen, and maintain! They’re easy to install and help maintain the integrity of your natural hair along the way.

So, what makes luxury European and virgin Russian hair extensions so spectacular? What is the process like for installation? Let’s answer all your burning questions so that you too can experience long, soft, red-carpet-worthy locks from Hair Envy Extensions!

What exactly are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are strands of luxury European or virgin Russian hair that are held together on a weft or held together by a bond. Wefts are the horizontal running strips that holds the strands in place. All of the hair is attached at the weft through sewing. That’s right, when you get hair extensions from Hair Envy, they’re made from real human hair. The reason for this is so you can wash and style your hair with little to no differences in your normal routine. Want some curls? Go for it! Straighten those bangs. You can even color hair extensions, but it’s recommended to have our stylist do so as you don’t want to color the wefts!

These wefts of hair vary drastically in length. They often range from 14 to 24 inches. However, Hair Envy extensions go all the way up to 34 inches in length if you get European extensions! The luxury European extensions go up to 34 inches, while the virgin Russian hair goes up to 24 inches. It’s important that you know what your hair goals are before determining a length. The more fragile your hair is, the less likely it is that you’ll be able to withstand those extra-long extensions simply due to the weight of them. However, your hair stylist can help you determine what the best length for you is. They can even help you get your hair to a healthy point to withstand those longer threads!

Hair extensions are attached to the hair/scalp through a variety of practices from tape-ins to threading to a beading process. It just depends on what your salon offers and what their hair extensions are created for.

How do You Install Hair Extensions?

Depending on the kind of hair extensions you’ve purchased, the installation method will vary. Hair Envy offers three kinds of hair extensions: pre bonded extensions, tape-in extensions, and hand-tied weft extensions.

Installation of Hair Envy virgin Russian hand tied wefts and luxury European wefts are the quickest to install. During this process, your hairdresser will apply small silicone rings that are set 1 inch apart. The rings will form a horseshoe shape from temple to temple. These rings are used to attach each hair weft in place. Each row usually holds 3-4 wefts of hair.

The second kind of hair extensions offered at Hair Envy are tape in luxury European hair extensions. Tape-ins are one of the easiest to install. Tape in hair extensions do contain a weft, but that weft is not sewn to your hair like in traditional hair weft extensions. They are instead attached to your existing hair via an adhesive. This adhesive is either already incorporated to the extensions or can be added during the installation process. They take much less time to install and are ideal for adding volume.

Installation of virgin Russian pre bonded extensions takes the longest but achieves the same stunning results using virgin Russian hair. Pre bonded hair extensions do not contain traditional wefts. They are held together at one end through the use of a keratin-bond. This often makes them lighter and less noticeable than traditional hair extensions. During the installation process, the extensions are attached to your hair using a heat gun that melts the keratin bond, attaching it to the bond placed on a small section of your hair. The process is simple, but does take a while, especially if you have a lot of extensions going in.

Why are virgin Russian and luxury European Hair Extensions Superior?

Using virgin Russian and European hair extensions provides you with the most natural-looking, volumized hair possible. Virgin Russian hair is naturally thin, but high in volume. Making it ideal for anyone with thin hair looking to add length and volume. Luxury European hair extensions on the other hand are denser and wavier and they are phenomenal for those who already have thick hair and just want to add length.

The genetic and physiological components in luxury European and virgin Russian hair make them stronger than other options. This allows for longer wear of the extensions and makes them less likely to become damaged from washing and styling. Luxury European and virgin Russian hair both have a natural texture and sheen that make for easy blending as well. They do not need to be treated prior to being used in extensions, which keeps that luster intact.

Should I Get Virgin Russian or Luxury European Hair Extensions?

Whether you get virgin Russian or luxury European hair extensions depends on what your goals are and what your current hair type is.

Getting virgin Russian hair extensions is ideal for someone with naturally straight hair. This is because virgin Russian hair is naturally thin and straight. It’s best for people who want to add length to their locks and a little bit of volume along the way! This kind of hair is easy to style and take care of as well. It’s recommended for anyone with hair that at least hits your shoulders, but that’s definitely not a requirement! You can get virgin Russian hair extension so long as your hair is at least 3 inches in length across all areas of the scalp.

Luxury European hair extension on the other hand are denser and thicker than virgin Russian hair extensions. Although the hair isn’t “thick”, it is thicker. This makes the extensions better suited for people looking to lengthen and volumize their thin hair dramatically. Luxury European hair extensions also tend to have a natural wave to them, so they’re better suited for people with that kind of hair type. Otherwise, you’ll have to add curls to your hair often for a seamless blend.

What are the Qualifications for Getting Hair Extensions?

There are several qualifications for getting luxury hair extensions. Whether you want virgin Russian handtied wefts or you want luxury European locks, you have to consider the following:

Your hair must be at least 3 inches long all the way around your head
It’s preferred that your hair be 6-7 inches in length, but it’s not required
Your hair needs to be strong enough to hold the weight of the extensions
Hair that has been severely color treated should be evaluated before installation of extensions
You need to be able to take care of your extensions

Hair extensions are for anyone who wants add volume and/or length to their natural hair. There aren’t many requirements for adding extensions, but the current ones are vital. It’s important that your hair be strong enough to hold the extensions because if they can’t, your hair will only end up damaged and that’s never the goal!

What Results Should I Expect from My Hair Extensions?

Pending the kind of hair in the extensions you’re getting (virgin Russian or luxury European), your results will vary a smidge. However, really, the results are whatever your goals are! If you’re looking to add volume and depth to your thin strands, your stylist will fit extensions to your hair that will give you exactly that.

If you’re looking to just add length, not so much volume, you’ll be fitted for that! If you want both for those mermaid-like locks, that is exactly what you will get!

Your stylist will determine if virgin Russian handtied wefts, sewn-in wefts, tape-in wefts, or keratin bonded strands are best for your goals!

How do I Care for My Hair Extensions?

The way you care for your hair extensions will vary a little based on the kind of extensions that you have. The following rules apply to all extensions:
Brush gently below the wefts and bonds. Never brush on the bonds and wefts as this can cause breakage and slipping.
Use a detangling brush with gentle bristles just in case you do accidentally hit a weft or bond.
Water is safe for hair extensions, as is shampoo and conditioner. You have to ensure you use a shampoo/conditioner that is meant for your kind of hair extensions though. You’ll use the shampoo all over, but gently and you’ll only use the conditioner on your mids and ends. Avoid getting conditioner at the root.
Styling your hair using heat tools is safe for all kinds of virgin hair extensions so long as you do not get the heat too close to the bond or weft. Bonds in particular are susceptible to the heat and may slip if they get too hot. Try to avoid using heat at the roots for an extended amount of time.
Do not wash your hair everyday as this can cause your bond or weft to loosen over time. Instead, use detanglers and even dry shampoo to help maintain hair between washes!

Hair Envy partners with Palmer products in order to provide the best care for your scalp and your extensions!

How Long Will My Hair Extensions Last?

This will vary based on the kind of extensions that you have. If you have tape-in or glue-in extensions, you can expect them to last 1 to 2 months (4-8 weeks). This is only if you care for them properly, however. Tape-in and glue-in extensions are more likely to slip than other kinds of extensions when exposed to excess heat or washing.

Sewn in extensions often last 6 to 8 weeks. So, with this kind, your minimum is longer than with tape-ins. Bonded hair extension often last the longest coming in at 3-5 months when taken care of properly.

The reason for these time frames is not only comes down to the quality of the hair extension, but also how you take care of them and how quickly your hair grows. Some people can make their hair extensions last much longer if they don’t wash it them often and keep styling to a minimum.

Final Thoughts

Hair Envy virgin Russian hair extensions and luxury European hair extensions are ideal for anyone looking to lengthen and/or volumize their hair! The virgin Russian handtied wefts and virgin Russian pre bonds are ideal for anyone looking to add length and volume. The luxury European hair extensions are perfect for low maintenance hair types who wants to add volume to their thin hair and who have some natural wave to their existing texture!

Getting extensions is a luxury, and your extensions should be made as such! Schedule your consolation today to receive those red-carpet-worthy locks!

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